Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Little Buddy

The Garner girls both came down with colds this past weekend and because they love to share, I am now fighting their germ.  So Monday night after work I made a quick trip to Walgreens to get some cold medicine.   We had finished dinner and the girls were playing on the floor before bedtime.  I spontaneously asked Katie if she wanted to come with me and she immediately said "sure mommy".  As we were putting our shoes on I realized it was the first time I had gone out of the house without a stroller, diaper bag, and at least 5 minutes of thinking "do I have everything?"  Instead we just jumped in the car, chatted about our day, and walked hand in hand to the pharmacy where she stood right by me like a big girl.  For the first time I felt like Katie was my little buddy who came along to keep me company.   It was a refreshing mommy moment! 

When we got home she even reminded me to take my medicine so I would feel better.  My sweet Katie was mothering her mommy.  I love her!

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