Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slow Down Baby Girl

Carly had two milestone moments yesterday and we were reminded how fast she is growing up.  First, she pulled herself up while at Sharry's.

And now with her new found mobility, she rarely lets me just cuddle with her.  Even our bedtime routine has been altered because she no longer wants to be rocked in my arms.  It really is amazing how quickly babies change in their first year of life.  Luckily, I have really made a conscious effort to enjoy the little things this time around but I still think it is happening too fast. 

Later that same night, we decided to put Carly in the bathtub without her little tub because she was always trying to get out of it.  Little did we know that this would happen....

mom, what are you doing????
still not sure...

I'm free!!!!

loving bath time with big sister

look at me mommy!

peek a boo

bath time is's night night time
So bath time was a success.  Next week my baby will be 9 months old and I know we will be celebrating her first birthday in no time at all.  Stop growing girls! 

Happy Wednesday!

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Me Too said...

Love the bathtime pictures! Sooo cute to have them in there together!!

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