Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9 Months

How can my baby go from this...

 to this
in only 9 months! 

It's just so crazy how fast baby's change in their first year of life and Carly is reminding me of that every day.  She has changed dramatically just in the past two weeks.  Not only is she crawling all over, but she is pulling herself up and letting go of one hand.  She is waving bye bye and has perfected her first word, "da da".  Today at her 9 month well child exam we were given the go ahead to try some milk products like yogurt.  If all goes well we will be transitioning to regular milk when she turns 1.  We can't wait because, baby girl, you are costing mommy and daddy about 4 bucks a day just in food!  I know I really should make my own baby food ($1 for a jar of sweet potatoes IS a little ridiculous), but I am honestly just too lazy.  I also confess we didn't continue with our plan of using cloth diapers but I just don't have time to wash and fold a dozen diapers every day. Oh well, what can I least we recycle a lot of other things! :) 

So Carly Rose is growing up and we are really enjoying seeing her personality develop.  She is getting very fiesty especially when big sister gets possessive over the toys.  Being a big sister is all fine and well when little sister can't go anywhere but not that Carly is crawling, Katie is not liking her space being invaded.  So the sibling rivalry has begun and this is completely new territory for Jeff and I since both of us are only children.  I don't have any personal experience to draw from and my background in child development doesn't go much beyond the classroom.  So, my hope is that we are doing the right thing and raising girls who love each other, respect each other, and will be good friends as they get older. 

Not much else happening in our little world.  Jeff and I had a wonderful date night this past friday.  My second mom and good friend, Linda watched the girls while we went to a couple's comedy night at our church and then out for a few drinks with some friends.  It was really great to get out, laugh together, and spend time with other adults.  Thanks Linda!

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Megan said...

I completely understand...time goes too fast!!! The great thing is you have two healthy little girls that you have a lot more years with...even if they do grow up fast.
Happy 9 Months Carly!

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