Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Weight

When I first got pregnant with Carly in the fall of 2009 I had gotten to my pre-Katie-pregnancy weight plus a few pounds more.  I was so relieved to have lost the baby weight and be wearing my old clothes again.  When I got pregnant with Carly I was worried about how my body would handle another pregnancy since they were so close together.  I tried to work out but all you other mommy's out there know how hard it can be to find the time to go to the gym when you have a toddler running around.  So the gym got neglected and now, almost 9 months after Carly was born I am still struggling to lose those 20 stubborn pounds.

I have always been an athletic person and done my best to eat healthy and work out.  Now, as a mom it's easy to neglect myself and not eat the best and make the time to exercise.  Well that all changed last week.  Jeff and I started P90X (again) and I joined Weight Watchers Online.  Carly for the most part sleeps through the night so we are getting up early in the morning to get our work out in before the girls wake up.  I am watching what I eat and luckily with the Weight Watchers point system you can still splurge occasionally which is a must for me (I like sugar too much).  It's been one week and I have lost 2 pounds.    Hopefully, that will continue and I will get back into shape.  Of course I don't think your body is ever the same after having two children but I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself.  To be continued.....

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