Monday, February 28, 2011

One is Easy

I woke up as usual this morning and got ready for work.  Then around 5:45 I heard Carly fussing and when I went in to check on her I immediately knew she had a blowout diaper.  And of course this was not just a minor blow out that a few extra wipes could clean up.  Oh no, this was an all out, need a bath to get everything clean blowout.  Fifteen minutes later she is bathed, dressed and ready to eat.  I feed her and sit her on the floor while I go get Katie up.  I think I am only a few minutes late, no big deal.  Nope, I come back out to the living room and discover that Carly threw up.  Never mind how late I am now because I am obviously not going in today.  But since Katie is all ready and very excited to go to Sharry's, off we go.  

An hour or so later Carly and I are home and have the house all to to ourselves.  It's very odd being here without the little miss.  It is unusually quiet and stays oddly clean for more than 2 minutes.  Luckily Carly is doing fine and hasn't had any other episodes since this morning.  But because of her history I can't help but worry, automatically assume the worst, and think we are going to end up back at the hospital.  Hopefully after a few more little stomach bugs, I will get past my paranoia and remember that all kids get sick every now and then. 

So today has been a very relaxing day because life with one eight month old is surprisingly easy.  I have gotten some much needed organizing done, vacuumed the whole house, and just played on the floor with my baby girl.


So all is well with the little one and in a few hours we will go pick up big sister.  And once again the house will be filled with the familiar little voice that I love so much.


sdeuell said...

Oh my goodness! Fourth pic from bottom looks just like the Gerber baby!!!! Kisses to my girlies :-)

Megan said...

She is getting so big! I LOVE the new layout. It may not be that "new" but I most often check your blog from my phone, so I don't see the it!

Janelle said...

One is easy. My friend says, "Why didn't we just sit around and paint our toenails all day?" I hope carly is all the way better!

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