Thursday, February 3, 2011

7 Months Baby Girl!

My sweet Carly, you are 7 months already and I am once again saying how fast the time goes.  You are growing so quickly.  When I rock you in the chair in your room I have to turn you differently because you don't fit and your little feet get stuck.   You are already wearing some 12 months clothes but, like your sister, have little feet.  You are even close to needing the car seat adjusted to the last notch on the strap!  I want to tell you to stop growing and stay little forever but I know that won't happen.

You are such a sweet baby and so easy to please.  You are always smiling and so happy.  You let me cuddle you which both daddy and I love.  And  you sure do love your sister!  All Katie has to do is smile or talk to you and you burst into giggles.  She is a very good big sister and enjoys reading to you, playing with you on the floor, and digging through the lego box with you (something you love to do right now).  She even gets down on the floor to do tummy time and encourages you to crawl which you are determined to do soon.

You love rolling all over the floor and exploring all areas of a room.  You are kicking your feet and close to getting up on your knees but I'm guessing you are thinking "why crawl when you can roll".  Of course all that moving around does still lead to spitting up, which you still do about once or twice a day, but hopefully that will be over soon.   You also LOVE to eat!  We have been introducing solids very slowly because of your tummy troubles but so far everything has agreed with you.  Your menu rotation includes pears, apples, sweet potatoes, bananas, prunes, carrots, squash and just yesterday we tried a mixture of apples and blueberries.  The only thing you haven't liked was avocado.  You also are eating oatmeal cereal three times a day.

Also, I am so happy to say you are sleeping much better at night now that you can find, and put your binky back in your mouth.  Some nights I don't have to get up at all with you and some nights it is only once or twice because the binky is out of your reach.  In the morning you wake up and love to roll all around your crib.   And your good morning smile is so sweet!  You sure know how to start a mommy's day off.  
You don't have any teeth yet but you sure are trying based on the amount of drool that comes out of your mouth.  You also want to chew on everything!  Your favorite thing is your socks.  You always take them off and and suck on them.  So far you are handling the teething process very well but that is because I don't really think they are least they didn't with your big sister who didn't get her first tooth until after she was a year old. 

M sweet girl you are growing up and we are loving every minute of it!  You are our little peanut and bring so much joy to our lives. Mommy and daddy love you!

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Janelle said...

She is so precious. Her eyes have so much to say. She looks like she might be a talker!

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