Monday, January 17, 2011

So Much to Love

I love watching my baby girl drift off to sleep in my arms.  I was always scared to let Katie do that because I was afraid of how it might mess up her routine.  Now, with Carly I know this will be the last time I get that chance so I say forget the routine and just enjoy the moment.  My heart bursts every time her little body relaxes completely and her eyes get so heavy she just can't keep them open any longer.  That is one of my favorite moments of the day.

I love watching Carly laugh with Katie.  She lights up as soon as Katie smiles at her and now they are even starting to "talk" to each other.  On Friday we were driving to day care and Carly woke up before we got there which she rarely does.  Next thing I know I hear Katie's little voice telling Carly all about the trees outside the window, how mommy has to concentrate on the road (I tell her that when I just don't have the energy to carry on a conversation with a 2 year old at 6:45am), and how she is going to have cereal for breakfast at Sharry's.  It was so fun to hear them chatting and interacting together.   It won't be long before they really start playing together...I can't wait!

I also love Saturday mornings.  I love not having to rush out the door or get dressed right away.  This past weekend we let the girls stay in their pj's and I wanted to get a picture of them.  Here is what happened.  

Carly is so excited to be sitting next to her big sister

So happy she just wants to eat Katie's knee

Katie: "don't eat my knee Carly!" and off she goes.  Poor Carly is left hanging

and Mommy is left with one sister in her striped pj's
Being a mom is the best but during those times when I am stressed out and overwhelmed, I just remind myself they are only little once.  The writer of this wonderful blog I read called Enjoying the Small Things also helps me remember that.  She is a beautiful photographer, inspirational writer, and a loving mom.  Her youngest daughter, Nella, has down syndrome and she is raising money for the National Down Syndrome Society.  She wrote a very touching entry about it and I encourage you to check it out.  I always find that her blog helps me remember what is important in this crazy!


Me Too said...

Beautiful. Love the pictures. Love your perspective. :)

Janice said...

Wow. Pure joy. You are so blessed.

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