Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 Months and Healthy Again

We went back to Children's Hospital for a follow up on Monday and all is well again!  Baby girl weighed in at 16lbs 10oz and is 25.5 in tall.  Her doctor actually wants to slow her weight gain down (we just can't win) by decreasing her formula intake.  Luckily we were given the ok to introduce solids so hopefully the addition of cereal will make her less hungry for formula.  So, Saturday we will see how Squirt does on rice cereal and if all goes well than we will start adding fruits and then veggies.  Everything I read says to start with veggies but apparently veggies have protein in them which is what Carly's tummy had trouble digesting so we will be starting her on fruits instead.  Hopefully, this will also help her sleep through the night because this tired mama would love to get 7 consecutive hours of shut eye herself. 

If all continues to go well we should be able to switch back to a milk based (and much cheaper) formula around 9 months which mommy and daddy will be thrilled about.  In the meantime we are continuing with the Nutramigen which she apparently is thriving on.  Developmentally she is doing great and is very close to being able to sit up by herself.  She also loves to roll all around the room and is starting to vocalize more.  It's also so much fun to see Katie interact with her little sister.  She loves to giggle and make funny faces at her which Carly finds hilarious.  I can't wait until they can really start playing together. 

 It is such a relief to have this illness and it's complications behind us.  Jeff and I were so happy driving back from Seattle because now we can stop worrying and we don't have to analyze poop anymore!  Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea to cover up the Bumbo chair with a neutral or dark colored cloth! Gonna do that with my next little one. I hate taking pics with the bright Bumbo chair sticking out like a sore thumb.

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