Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Saturday

Tradition at the Garner's is to celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday because Jeff has to work on Thursday.  Sometimes he gets done early enough that we could do it on actual Turkey day but this year that was not happening due to the snow, ice, and wind storm we had all week.  He didn't get home until 5:00 or 6:00 every night this past week and the conditions were brutal for anyone having to work outside and especially someone who has to drive around the county as well.  I am hoping we have a snowy winter but only on the weekends. :)

Ok, now back to Thanksgiving.  Of course we fried our big ole bird and as always it was delicious.  Jeff still hasn't perfected his timing on bbq'ing and turkey frying, but he will get it one of these years.  We wanted to eat around 4:30 but didn't actually sit down until 6:00.  Luckily Carly cooperated and didn't get too fussy which usually happens around that time of night.  The oil took longer to heat up and then wouldn't stay as hot as it needed to be because of the cold temperature.  Nonetheless it was yummy and worth the wait.

He can marinate, inject, fry but when it comes to carving he still needs to read the directions.  

The rest of our dinner turned out well and the hit of the night was the Jalapeno Cheddar Stuffing I made. I got the recipe from the magazine Real Simple and was a little nervous to make it since I had never made stuffing before but it turned out great.  Katie loved eating turkey and even though she kept calling it chicken (which she normally doesn't eat) she kept eating it.  Her other favorite was the cranberry sauce which had to disappear off the table because she refused to eat or even try anything else.  Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving table.

I thought it was funny that Carly was able to wear the same outfit that Katie wore last year at Thanksgiving.  Our little peanut is chunking up!
Carly - 5 months
Katie - almost 11 months
I was able to get a few more pictures of the girls although I wasn't happy with the photo quality. Luckily, Jeff got me an early Christmas present of a new camera and it should be arriving tomorrow. 

Katie was eating her snack and it just looked so funny because she was all alone at the candle lit table
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tomorrow we go back down to Seattle to follow up with the GI doctor at Children's. 

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