Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Milestones and Moments to Remember

My plan was to get up early this morning and write this post, but I am fighting a cold so sleep took higher priority and now both girls are waking up.  There are so many things that Katie and Carly have accomplished and since I am very bad about keeping up with their baby books, I figured I would document them here.  Well, that post will have to wait but I can tell you quickly where the inspiration for this post came from.

A couple nights ago Katie was taking a bath.  We are working on potty training and right before she got in the bath she said she had to go poop.  So, we sat her on the potty and began looking through Readers Digest (it's her favorite bathroom book).  After a few minutes of nothing she got up and said "all finished" so in the bath tub she went.  I began getting Carly ready for bed in her room and Jeff stepped away from the tub momentarily (one minute too long).  I heard some noises that made me nervous and when he came back into the bathroom he saw why.  Katie had pooped in the tub.  She doesn't like it and began crying so he whisked her out and very happily exclaimed "let's go take a shower!".  She loved that idea because she knows daddy takes a shower right after he comes home from work.  So off they went and by the time I got Carly dressed and went to peek in on them she was loving it!  She had the sprayer in her hand and was just going to town washing her little body.  It was the funniest thing and I reminded myself to soak it all in because that was a first and something about firsts can never be duplicated.

Ok, Carly is protesting now...mommy time is over.

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