Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Update

This past Sunday, Elizabeth, my best friend since 4th grade came for a quick visit. She was in Seattle visiting family and luckily was able to make it up to Bellingham for a few hours. I am so glad we got to see each other because she is the closest thing to a sister I have. And even though I have developed some wonderful friendships here in Bellingham, there is nothing like hanging out with your best friend who has been through the ups and downs of life with you. We chatted, played with the girls, and even got away for coffee for some much needed girl talk. Thank you my dear friend for getting up here, I know it wasn't easy! The day went by way to quickly and Elizabeth, next time I think we should plan a girls getaway!

In other news, we are having beautiful fall weather this year and last night while Carly was napping, Jeff and I got to sit out on our deck and enjoy a glass of wine and watch Katie play. She was in a great mood now that the worst of the teething is over (she's finally getting her first molars) and I was able to capture some great expressions. She knows now when I am taking her pictures and sometimes I get the cheesy smile and other times I can still get some more natural expressions.

Lastly, we are still struggling with Carly's digestive system. Her stool is still very loose and this past weekend we noticed blood in it. She also started having blow outs at night which was what happened in the days before she got sick so of course I started worrying. Our pediatrician told me to stop breastfeeding completely. This was really hard for me to hear because even though I was supplementing with formula, I felt so good about still being able to give Carly some breastmilk. Now we are in the process of collecting stool samples and while I am not going to go into details, let me just say it isn't easy. Hopefully, we will know in the next few days what is wrong and most importantly how to fix it.

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shannon said...

Great update!!! :) I can't believe how big Katie is...

I hope Carly's little system gets better. You have had your hands full with that. Poor little girl! She is quite the doll!

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