Friday, October 29, 2010

4 Month Check Up

Carly had her 4 month check up yesterday and all is well except for her tummy issues.  She gained 6 ounces since her appointment last week so the new formula seems to be agreeing with her.  That means  she is now 14 lbs.6 oz. which puts her in the 60th percentile and is 25.25 inches tall which puts her in the 75th percentile for height.  Developmentally she is right on track which was also good to hear.  Her reflux makes it hard for us to do a lot of tummy time so I was a little worried about that, but Dr. Ann said she is doing great and has very good neck control and core stability. 
We are very anxious for our appointment on November 5th at Children's Hospital.  The hope is that we will get confirmation that it is a milk protein allergy and that it will just take time for her system to normalize. We will probably be making at least two trips down there because this first one is to just meet with the doctor and talk about the problem.  Then we will develop a plan and find out what other procedures need to be done to rule out any other problems.  Katie will be spending the day at Sharry's and luckily Jeff can get off work so we can both take Squirt down there. 
In other happenings, Katie is very excited for Halloween.  She doesn't get the whole trick or treating thing but she has really been into the decorations and pumpkins and costumes.  She is going to be a lady bug and Carly is going to be a pumpkin.  We actually had to hide her costume because once we put it on her to see how it fit, she didn't want to take it off.  We don't have any big plans for that night except for going around our neighborhood.  And how many houses we go to....well that will depend on Katie's reaction. 
We made Grandma Katie's banana bread this past Sunday to celebrate her birthday.  It was a lot of fun and something I am going to make a yearly tradition with my girls. 


Janice said...

So glad to hear Carly's checkup was good and that's great weight gain! She is so incredibly adorable. You guys are truly blessed with your beautiful girls. Hope to see you all next week. Happy Halloween!

sdeuell said...

Thanks for the update (NICE coffee pot!) :)

eLiZaBeTh said...

Nice blanket! I am so glad that you are using it:) These pictures totally made my day. Love you. Miss you!

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