Friday, June 25, 2010

Still With Bambina

My best friend, Beth sent me a text last night saying "still with bambina?". It made me laugh which was something I desperately needed since yes, I AM still with bambina. She won't come out! I know I am only one day overdue and lots of women go past their due date but I am OVER this being pregnant thing. I know it doesn't do any good to keep complaining though, especially because I don't want to be induced, so I will change my attitude today. She just isn't quite ready to come into this world and in the meantime I can give Katie my undivided attention for a little while longer. Plus, Katie hasn't been feeling 100% the past few days and has a cough so I really don't want to bring a newborn home to a sick toddler.

Luckily she is still mostly happy and being outside always brings out the best in Lil Miss.

1 comment:

Janelle said...

Love the pants!! I keep thinking this baby has to come!!

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