Saturday, May 8, 2010

Transition Time

***Evening Update: Katie slept for 2 hours today!!!!! Wooohooo!

This week I have been transitioning Katie to one afternoon nap instead of two. She has never been a great napper and lately it was taking her 20 minutes or so to fall asleep so I figured we might as well take the plunge. The first day was great. I kept her busy all morning and she slept from about 1-3:45. Wooohoo! That was way too easy. Second day we stayed busy again in the morning and she never really got fussy until lunch time. I gave her lunch and we went through our little pre-nap routine. She went down at 1:00 but was awake at 2:00 and ready to go. I guess I got lucky the first day. Yesterday she was at daycare and again only slept for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The frustrating part is that she is not only getting less sleep during the day but she is also waking up earlier in the morning. I have read a lot of conflicting things about how much sleep a 16 month old needs but I suppose that since she is happy most of the time I shouldn't worry about it. It sure would be nice to have a regular, consisten 2-3 hour break in the afternoon, especially with a newborn on the way.

Today is day four of one nap and we will see how it goes. My goal is to get a 2 hour nap out of her and then have her sleep for about 10-11 hours at night. That may be too much though so I will just have to let her take the lead on this one. It's so hard giving up control when you think you know what is best for your little one. I have tried a lot of things to get her to sleep longer and nothing works. Once she wakes up she is up, but the good thing is that she will stay happy and content in her crib for 30-45 minutes. So technically I get about a two hour break which this preggo mommy defintely needs and appreciates.

Earlier today we soaked up some beautiful sunshine with daddy and grandpa. Jeff is painting our deck today and I will have before and after pictures of that tomorrow.

Someone was getting tired and it wasn't Jeff.


Janelle said...

Way to go Mom and Katie! It is a hard transition, but it is so much easier on the daily schedule. Happy Mother's Day!

Andrea and Jeff said...

Thanks Janelle! I am glad we are doing it. I think it will be better once Carly is here. Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

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