Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things I Want to Rembember

I realized while reading another mommy blog yesterday that are a lot of little things that Katie is doing that I don't want to forget. And while I am trying to keep her baby book updated, this blog is much more comprehensive and current. So before this pregnancy brain forgets, I want to document some of the big and little things Katie Louise is up to these days.

  • She walks everywhere, rarely crawls, and that girl can move! I think if she had the coordination she would be running. Just this week we were getting ready to go meet my friend, Janice for lunch and were significantly delayed because Katie discovered Ozzy's water bowl. I had her coat on and we were literally walking out the door when I ran back into her room to get something. 10 seconds later I come back and she is soaking wet head to toe having a great time playing in the water. 15 minutes and an outfit change later, we were on the road.
  • She understands a lot and is starting to actually put words together with the meaning. When a car goes by she will say her version of "car". Her other words include fish, home, ball, and daddy (kind of). But her all time favorite and first official word in our book is "hi". Wherever we go and even at home she goes around saying "hi" to everyone. It is the cutest thing and I love hearing her little voice. She is making plenty of other sounds but those are the only words I can recognize at this point.
  • She loves playing in Ozzy's bed but unfortunately Ozzy won't stay in there with her. I wish they had become good buddies but that didn't happen and I doubt it will with Carly either.
  • She slept on a mat like the big kids at day care yesterday for the first time! Sharry caught her trying to climb out of the crib so that was the end of that. Oh, where did the time go??
  • She loves giving kisses to daddy and I and will just randomly come up to us with an open mouth. I love those drooly kisses!
  • Lastly, she loves being naked. Last night we let her run around after her bath because she has a really bad case of diaper rash and it was the funnies thing. She just walked all over the house squealing with delight. Those are the moments I cherish, the ones that make you smile just thinking about them.
I love being a mommy!


shannon & dusty said...

Great post! It makes me more and more excited to be a mommy!! Thanks for sharing!

Janelle said...

I love posts like this because as you said, "Where does the time go?"

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