Saturday, January 23, 2010

18 Weeks

I am 18 1/2 weeks along now and feeling great again. Most of the first trimester symptoms have pretty much gone away except for the exhaustion by the end of the day. Although, I think that has more to do with Katie than CC. February 3rd is approaching quickly and Jeff and I are getting very anxious. Last night we had the chance to go out to dinner which was a welcome treat. After Katie was asleep for the night, grandpa came over hung out at our house while we went to our favorite local Mexican food restaurant. It was nice for Jeff and I to have some alone conversation that wasn't interrupted by our little chatterbox.

In other news, Katie is finally getting her first tooth!!! When I picked her up at day care last night, Sharry told me to feel her little gums and what do you know....there was a little tooth poking out! I was kind of relieved because I have been anxious about how she would do with the whole teething thing. This week she has been unusually fussy and clingy but nothing too terrible so hopefully that is how she will be during the rest of the teething process. Now the big question is if she will just start to get them all at once and if that happens, I don't think it will be easy for either one of us. Any other moms out there whose little ones didn't get their teeth until after one? Did they have a really hard time with it?


John, Becky and Olivia said...

O didn't get her first tooth until 10 1/2 months but it wasn't until after her 1st birthday that she got more and to be honest it hasn't been super easy, though it hasn't been very bad either. I just made sure to keep some infants Motrin on hand and it really seemed to help. I actually made a comment today to John about how she's been in a great mood the last few weeks. I think she's finally made it through the first round of teething (for her at least). Don't worry! You only have a few more months to go! =)

Love the pictures of Katie. And you look awesome! Are you going to make it to CO in August for the reunion?

Jenn said...

Cameron's first tooth was coming in on his first birthday. He did fine with the front teeth, he was a little bit fussy and feverish with the molars, but nothing we couldn't handle!

eLiZaBeTh said...

Dude. I love you! You look beautiful!! I am looking forward to the 3rd too. Call me as you as you find out. Give Katie a hug for me & say Hi to Jeff!

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