Monday, November 9, 2009

Teething or Something Else?

This is one tired mommy here because Lil Miss has been waking up every 1-2 hours the past four nights. She is normally such a good night sleeper and has consistently slept 11-12 hours solid since she was 5 months old so this new pattern has been exhausting on daddy and I. The first night I thought that her tummy was upset and that was why she was waking up. I tried to think about what she ate that was different and all I could come up with was bbq pork but you wouldn't think that would bother her. So I hoped it was a one time deal but nope, Friday night was worse and my poor baby just kept waking up crying. This was when I thought she might finally be getting her first tooth, but then on Saturday she had a really runny nose so I thought maybe she was getting sick. She wasn't real fussy during the day though so I was really confused about what was going on. Saturday and Sunday nights were the same and even with baby Motrin she isn't sleeping well. I am hoping that if it is teeth they just pop through and if it is a cold, I am hoping she gets better before we get on a plane to go to Texas on Saturday. It is already going to be a long travel day for all of us so the last thing we need is for anyone to be sick. I am hoping that tonight I get a good nights sleep again. This mommy needs it!

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Janelle said...

I hope she does feel better. Teething/ colds are the worst on the little ones. Hang in there. Fire up the humidifier and have her suck on a popsicle and just hope for the best.
PS So glad I found your blog. So neat.

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