Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 Months already

Happy 7 month birthday to my little girl! As every month goes by I am amazed at how quickly she changes and grows. Whenever I see her studying something I often wonder what is going on inside that little brain of hers. At work I always tell parents that young children are just like sponges soaking up everything around them and now I am seeing that in my own daughter. Just yesterday afternoon she was right in the middle of playing with her toys when something caught her eye out the window. I looked to see what she was looking at and realized that the leaves were blowing on the tree and apparently that was much more interesting than her rattle. Just something simple like that is fascinating to a baby. It makes me wonder what she thinks of the vacuum or the fish tank or her other baby friend Ella who we had a playdate with yesterday.

Playdates with babies are kind of funny because they of course don't play together. This was the first time we had gotten the two together since they have learned to sit up and actually play more. Before, Stacy (Ella's mom) and I usually go on walks so the girls don't get to really interact. It was cute to see them look and reach out to touch each other but mostly they just sat on the floor playing with the toys. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of the two of them. I will be sure to take some the next time we get together.

In other Katie news, she has started to get very clingy to mommy. Sometimes I can't even leave the room to go to the bathroom without her having a breakdown. By the end of the day it is the worst and she really just wants to be held all of the time. She is normally so independent and happy to play on her own on the floor so this is a difficult adjustment. I am just hoping it will be a short phase.

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John, Becky and Olivia said...

Get used to the clinginess!!! It doesn't really go away. =)

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