Thursday, July 16, 2009

BBQ On the Border

Jeff has taken the next big step in his barbecuing hobby by joining a competition this weekend. While working one day he noticed one of his customers had a very large smoker in his front yard. My very friendly husband struck up a conversation with the guy and found out he participated in barbecue competitions and there was one coming up in Birch Bay. The guy asked Jeff if he would like to help and of course he jumped at the opportunity. So this weekend Jeff will be joining hundreds of fellow barbecue fanatics as they show off their marinades, rubs, and techniques at the "BBQ on the Border". Jeff will be doing a lot of watching and learning on Saturday but then very early Sunday morning (4:00 AM) he will be in charge of lighting the smoker and getting the meat on the grill. Katie and I will join him later in the afternoon for the judging and tasting. There will definitely be some good eats that day! I will post pictures for sure.

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