Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Surprises

I had the best 30th birthday thanks to my amazing husband and wonderful family. Not only did my Aunt Kim, Uncle Kirby, and cousins Kyler and Konner surprise me by showing up three weeks earlier than expected, but then Jeff threw me the best surprise party on Saturday. I still can't believe I didn't suspect anything considering all of the things he was doing to get ready. Since I knew my grandparents were coming to visit, I just assumed Jeff was doing all the of yardwork and projects around the house in preparation for their visit. Little did I know that we would have 40 people at our house celebrating my 30th. I love my husband so much and am so proud of him for pulling off not only one huge surprise but two!

It was also great having my grandparents here for almost a week getting to know their first great grandchild. It was so much fun seeing them hold her and interact with her. We even got some video of Nats reading to Katie which I am sure I will cherish many years from now. There were also some bittersweet moments when we all were thinking a lot about my mom and missing her a lot. At one point my uncle said that my mom and dad would probably be living on the other side of Jeff and I if they could and I think that is very true. Even 10 years later we think about her often and miss her a lot.

Here are some pictures from our weekend

5 months old

Almost four generations of Schmitz family

silly faces with Grandma Nats (her real name is Natalie but I have always called her Nats)

getting some serious advice from grandpa

Cousin Kyler with Katie who he refers to as "Thing One" (he says that when she can say his name he will call her by her name)

Jeff is on vacation this week so we are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and relaxing. This afternoon we are going to take Katie for a walk down by the water.

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Megan said...'s easier to turn 30 when you have a really great day, and week in your case. cheers to our 30's!

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