Thursday, January 29, 2009

She's Getting Bigger

We went to the weigh in again yesterday and our 3 week old little Katie gained a whole pound in one week! I was so excited to see the scale read 9lbs 7.5oz (she was 8lb 7.5oz at her two week checkup)!!!! I knew she was getting bigger but I wasn't expecting it to be a whole pound. One way I knew was because the newborn diapers were no longer holding everything in like they should and I was changing her outfit about 3 times a day due to the blowouts. That's one way a new mommy learns to increase the diaper size. I also could tell she was getting bigger because the 0-3 month clothes were actually fitting her better and she didn't look like she was swimming in them. She has also been eating really well and breastfeeding isn't as uncomfortable as it was in the beginning. So, Miss Katie is growing and mommy and daddy couldn't be happier.

She has also been a more alert and happily awake this week. The first few weeks it seemed like when she was awake she was either eating or crying but not she will be awake and look all around. She still loves to sleep though and I occasionally have to wake her up to eat or just keep her awake in the evening so that I can get some sleep at night. I can't wait for the night where she sleeps for 4-5 hours.

Yesterday, Katie and I met my friend, Stacy and her daughter, Ella at the mall to walk because it was too cold to go outside. Ella is 10 weeks old and Stacy and I worked out at the gym together during our pregnancy so it will be fun to see the two girls grow up and have play dates. We also went to visit my office on Monday which was a fun day. Katie did great as she was passed around to everyone and she of course didn't mind the 45 minute car ride to and from Mount Vernon. I am so thankful she likes the car and her carseat.

I am continuing to feel better and better which is such a relief. When they say your body has to adjust to all of the hormonal changes they really mean it. I can't believe how much I cried in those first two weeks but luckily that has passed and I am back to my normal self. Now, when I hold Katie in my arms I smile in awe at this beautiful little girl God has blessed us with. Just this morning after she ate we were laying together cuddling and I was thinking I need to cherish every moment like this because it won't be long before she won't want to be cuddled by mommy. While I am very excited to see her personality come out and to see that precious little smile, I keep reminding myself to enjoy these times as well.

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