Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Bellingham, Washington woke up to a white Christmas this morning with snow still falling (another 4 inches or so at our house)! As I waved goodbye to Jeff at 6:00am the trees were all covered with thick wet snow that makes everything look magical and so beautiful. I am sure there are many happy children waking up this morning to their first Christmas winter wonderland.

Here at the Garner's I will be spending my morning staying busy as much as I can because I think Katie will be making her appearance in a few days. Not to go into to much detail but my body is showing signs that labor could start in the next day or two. So, to all of you who thought we would have a 2008 baby, I think you are going to be right! Wow, what a tax year for us....a house and a dependent. Jeff will luckily be home early today since not a lot of people put there Yard Waste out on Christmas day. I am not having contractions that I know of but she is definitely causing me some sporadic pain when she moves and works her way into position. This is all so exciting and I didn't sleep well last night just because I am so anxious for her to come. I felt like a little kid again on Christmas Eve when I wanted to go to sleep because that made time go by quicker, but I couldn't because I kept thinking about what was going to happen the next day. So, Jeff has his phone on him and his boss knows that he could get the call at any moment. My mother and father in-law are also on standby in case they have to take me to the hospital, but luckily I think I will have enough warning to allow Jeff to get home.

So, while this year the traditional Christmas probably won't be happening for us (KKKK enjoy lots of monkey bread, prime rib, and pineapple stuffing for me), I am going to be getting the best Christmas present a mom could ask for. Merry Christmas everyone! We love you!

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