Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Weather and Baby Update

Just a quick weather is once again snowing and coming down hard! Jeff just left for work and the roads are terrible but I will try not to worry. Hopefully he will get home early today and tomorrow (yes, his employer is like Scrooge so he has to work tomorrow). However, because of that work schedule we do Christmas Garner style and have it on the weekend. So Saturday will be our big day and that way we can have the traditional breakfast, open presents leisurely, and have a delicious fried turkey dinner!

On the baby front, we went to the Dr. yesterday to have a baby weight ultrasound. Well apparently Katie is a very healthy girl and is already 8lbs 6oz! When the Dr. left the room I burst into tears thinking how I am going to deliver this girl naturally. Luckily the tears passed quickly when Jeff put his arms around me and reminded me that the pain has a purpose and in the end it will all be worth it. Plus, as he jokingly said....I don't have a choice in the matter. So, I am still going to try to have her without medication but if the pain gets too bad I won't feel like a failure if I give in to the epidural. The Dr. also said I am probably good for another week but I am hoping she comes soon...we are so ready to meet her! Here is the most recent picture of me at 38 weeks.


Jen Martin Studios said...

You look stunning :)
And dont worry - if my tiny self can manage to give birth to a 9 pound daughter - yours certainly can! I think you have better birthing hips than I do - I didnt have any hips until my kids forced my body to have them!

And no :) you wont be a failure if you go for the epidural. I tried with all 3 of mine to get through it med free and didnt make it with any of them - the most common praise of epidurals is that you can actually enjoy the delivery and watch her be born without being completely exhausted and in pain.

Its the most amazing thing youll ever see or experience and Im so glad you have such an awesome coach :) and I know that you have all of these feelings about wishing your Mom could be there too - trust me - I know (I lost mine 3 years before I had my daughter) - but just know that no matter what - when she comes out and you look at her little face and she grabs your finger and pulls it close - you are holding a part of your mamma in your arms and from experience - every day, I look down at my little girl and I see my mom smiling back at me. :) It helps. It really does.

Take care and be safe and I wish you all the best. :)


eLiZaBeTh said...

What a nice message from Jen Martin studios...she is right, you will be holding a part of your mom everyday...what a gift! and such a legacy that she will have the same name. This picture of you is stunning! You should post all the belly photos from back when you were still referring to fruit to show the size of Katie...hmmm wonder what size fruit that would be now?

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