Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random Pictures

This was the first Halloween in our new home and we had a really good turnout of trick or treaters. The past two years we have handed out candy at Jeff's parents house but this year we were right next door at our own home. Our friends, the Shaw's, stopped by to say hello and show off their costumes. And we finished the night off by watching the second Terminator movie which I had never seen before. We are in the process of getting me caught up on the series because one of my favorite TV shows is the Sara Conner Chronicles which is based on the movies.

Today we spent our morning putting our crib together and after three hours we succeeded. The best part is we both were very patient even when it was getting frustrating. Later I conquered the swing which was a lot easier (thankfully). And as you can see Ozzy is anxious for Katie's arrival because the swing is at the perfect level for him to give her kisses.

Lastly, I wanted to update the fish tank which is growing and is now home to 27 fish. It is a lot busier which makes it fun to watch.

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