Monday, November 17, 2008

Child Birth Prep Weekend

This past weekend Jeff and I took our 2 day, all day child birth class. We decided to take this class instead of the more traditional once a week for 8 weeks approach and even though it took up an entire weekend it was well worth it. There were 6 couples in our class and we both left with a lot more information than we came with. For me, it was especially helpful because it gave me more confidence in being able to go through labor without medication. Most of the day Saturday we learned about a variety of breathing techniques and labor positions. Then on Sunday we talked about newborn care and breastfeeding.

There was also a lot of time for practice which was helpful though sometimes a little challenging.
As you all know Jeff is a big guy which also means he isn't the most flexible, so being on the floor all afternoon made him grouchier than his pregnant wife. Therefore, at the very end of the day when it came to time to learn and practice the massage that is supposed to help me relax and release tension, we ended up laughing over how uncomfortable Jeff was which eventually led to him giving up saying "I already know how to give massages!" So let's just say that we will be practicing that more in the next few days during our little getaway to Whistler BC.

Jeff and I are on vacation this week so we are taking one last little getaway as a couple before we become a family of three. This morning (as soon as my sweety wakes up) we are leaving for Canada for a couple nights of relaxation. Unfortunately our activities are limited due to weather and my current state but we are planning on walking around the village, eating out, and just relaxing in our cozy room with a fireplace. I will post pictures and write more in the next few days.

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