Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who Knew

This past Sunday Jeff and I realized how much stuff one little person needs. We spent three hours at the Babies R Us store down in Seattle registering for things we had no idea we even needed. What we thought would be a quick trip turned into an all morning event that left us hungry, overwhelmed, but feeling successful. As we walked out into the parking lot we decided they really should have a little restaurant in these stores for weary first time parents like us.

Jeff was responsible for the scanning and I had the checklist. As we worked our way through the store picking out things for our little bundle of joy we got more and more excited for her arrival. I think it is also starting to sink in more for Jeff because he was very patient during the shopping. I don't make decisions well and then to be surrounded by choices for things I have never used made it even more challenging. In the end we just started scanning and decided that I can research and edit the list later.

After Babies R Us we refueled at Red Robin before heading downtown to the closing ceremonies of the Breast Cancer 3 Day. This year they had 1,000 more participants than last year and raised over 8.5 million dollars. As I sat in the stands I couldn't help but start crying as I do very easily right now. However, what really put me over the edge was when a little girl behind us yelled "go mommy!". I knew at that point that in a few years that is going to be my little Katie yelling that for me because I know I will walk in the 3 day again. My goal is to walk in the Denver 3 Day in a few years so for all of you reading this in Denver, get ready to start training. :). I would love to not only come home to Denver but to walk in an event that my mom would be doing with me if she could.


dusty & shannon shaklee said...

Oh...I will so walk with you! That would be soooo much fun!!!!!

Andrea and Jeff said...

Thats great! It is an amazing experience and one that you will never forget. For me, what year I walk will just depend on the baby situation. :)

dusty & shannon shaklee said...

well, just keep me posted...cause i might be in the same boat! ;)

eLiZaBeTh said...

First of all, I will be there with pink shoes on and laces tied. Second of all, have the first one and then discuss the second one. There will a few times when you will think "never again" but many many more times when you think, "I could do this at least 4 more times!" My 4 year old is more frustrating and sassy than I can even explain right now. But just as equally sweet and loving and imaginative and exhausting and hilarious, too. Sorry for the long & all-over-the-place comment, but just needed to vent. No break for a very long time and it is starting to wear on me a bit. I knew living on our own would be tough, but worth it and I was right. Motherhood is one interesting adventure...salty and sweet.

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