Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Little Girl Kicked!

This morning for the first time Jeff felt his little girl kick! It was great and something we have been anxiously waiting for. This kick was a little one too so I can't wait for when he feels her strong ones. It is such an incredible feeling when you know there is a little life inside you. A lot of my friends said to enjoy every day of this pregnancy and I am really trying to do that because there will never be another 9 months like these.

As with pregnancy symptoms I am still having crazy dreams. This past week I gave birth to a banana which definitely was the weirdest one yet. I think it was due to all of the fruit comparisons I have been making. My back is starting to hurt a little more but I am still sleeping well except for the midnight trips to the bathroom. No major mood swings either which is nice. So overall the Garner's are doing really week and just getting more and more excited to meet our little girl. We also go back to the Dr. this Tuesday but I think it will be a short visit.

Today is the Seahawks game and clean the house day. Good times here in Bham!

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