Monday, September 1, 2008

The Fish Tank

After many hours of research and visits to the fish store, Jeff has his new 125 gallon fish tank! Now the fun part has begun and he is in the process of designing the bottom with lots of hiding places for his 40-50 Malawi fish that will soon call the tank home. I will post pictures as the project progresses. We love the soon to be "living art" that is in our family room and we know our little girl will as well.

This weekend was a very relaxing one which Jeff and I enjoyed. We got a few little things done around the house and one big one that I had been wanting done for awhile. We finally have our daughter's room empty and ready to become a baby nursery. We also have a name for our little girl that I want to share with everyone.... Little G is going to be Katie Louise Garner. Katherine is my middle name but also was my mom's name. However, if you knew my mom you knew she always went by Katie. Louise is Jeff's moms middle name and we love that we can use family names that go together perfectly.

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shannon shaklee said...

Hey lady...great name for your new baby girl!!! :)

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