Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little G is a little girl!

The Garner's are having a little girl! Our appointment went really well and she cooperated for the most part. Our Dr. has only been wrong twice in ten years so I think we can count on a daughter. The only thing now is getting our mind wrapped around saying she instead of he and Jeff's visions of a football player and baseball themed room will just have to wait :). We are so excited to meet her and it was wonderful seeing her tiny little nose and mouth, heart, legs, and even her tongue. I will post the ultrasound pictures later!


shannon shaklee said...

Yay...a little girl!! I am so pumped for you guys!!! :)

Becky & John said...

Congratulations! I was wrong, but oh well. =) Having a daughter is awesome. She's going to have you guys, especially your husband, wrapped around her little finger.

Jens Findings said...

Little girls are so much fun. I had 2 boys and then got my little girl...and my daughter likes all the pink fairy stuff and dolls and whatnot but most days youll find her running her dolls over with monster trucks and wearing spiderman socks with rainbow skirts while fighting ninjas in the front yard with her brothers ;)

Youll have to let me know if you want some baby belly pictures :D I love doing baby belly pictures!

Any names picked out yet?

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