Monday, June 23, 2008

Race for the Cure

Jeff and I walked in Race for the Cure on Saturday through the streets of Seattle.  It was a first for Jeff and I really enjoyed sharing the moment with him.  I believe I participated in my first Race in Denver in 1995 when it was just getting started.  I remember my mom, dad, and some of her favorite nurses walked with us.  In the years following we walked, we volunteered, we cried, and after my mom passed away, I am proud to say I kept walking.  During those first walks my mom's battle with breast cancer was just getting started, but every year after we made it a priority to be part of Race for the Cure.  And I continue that pledge 13 years later and am really looking forward to next year when the whole Garner family including Little G can participate.   Here in Seattle 15,000 people walked and over a millon dollars was raised.  Some of my coworkers also joined us and then of course we had lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory afterwards for my favorite and more importantly, traditional Mizithra cheese.

As I get ready to become a mom I find myself missing my mom more than I ever thought I would.  Luckily I know she is looking down on me smiling and probably crying tears of joy because her little girl is living the life she has always dreamed of.  Breast cancer took her from me at a young age but I feel very lucky to have been raised by two wonderful parents who taught me a lot.  Now, I hope I can put all those lessons and experiences to use as Jeff and I embark on our journey towards parenthood.

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