Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Little Lime

Last week we had a kumquat and this week we have a little lime. In case you are wondering why I am talking about fruit I am referring to how big "Little G" is right now as of 11 weeks. I get weekly e-mails telling me about his development and how big he is (yes, I am saying "he" but that is just because I think that is what we are having but I really have no idea) and this week he is the size of a large lime. I am almost done with my first trimester and we go back to the Dr. next Monday for our second appointment. We have already seen the heartbeat and I can't wait to see how much he has grown in a month. During the first appointment I couldn't believe how well you could see the head, spine, and arm and leg buds....it was truly a miracle!

I am still feeling good and have luckily gotten most of my appetite back including a few cravings for tomato soup and ice cream. I remember my mom talking about how when she was pregnant with me she ate a lot of chicken pot pies and I used to love those. Now it will be fun to see if Little G follows in mommy's foot steps with a tomato soup craving. Below is a picture I took tonight with a little lime. :)

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