Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The house is finally looking like our new home! This past weekend we were either packing, moving, painting, or putting together lawn furniture. Who would have known buying a house would be so much work but it probably wouldn't be if there hadn't been so much pink in the place. It is going to be very nice when it is all done and we are very excited for this weekend when we close and get the keys in our hands. Here are some new pictures of the work in progress

The front bedroom

This is the second front bedroom that will be a very special place. I love all of the natural lighting too and that is one of my favorite things about the house.

This is the master bedroom that used to be sage green. We went with "Harley Rumble" for the accent wall. I really wonder who comes up with paint color names.

And finally the pink is gone in the kitchen! We have a lot of natural light and a lot of white color but once we get the dark laminate flooring in it will darken things up a bit.

We have few more coats of paint to go and today the carpet will be installed in the bedroom. After that it is just lots of cleaning but my wonderful in laws spent all day yesterday helping with the cleaning which made a big difference. Stay tuned more pictures to come!

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