Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Baby Girl Turns Two

I am so far behind I don't even know where to start.  The first thing that comes to mind is that we now have a 2 year old!  My baby girl is growing up and like many moms who know their family is complete, I am cherishing every cuddle, kiss, and snuggle Carly gives me.

The weekend of her birthday Jeff's brothers, Rick and Jay, came up for a visit as well as some of our nieces and nephews.  It was fun celebrating with our family and good friends, Aunty Janice and Glenn.  

I decided to make Carly's cake this year and chose a red velvet cake which was yummy but probably not the best choice for a 2 year old since it contains A LOT of red food coloring.  Let's just say she was "blushing" for a day or so afterwards. 

Baby girl, you are such a joy to have and make your daddy and I laugh every day.  We are very anxious for you to start talking because you get incredibly frustrated when we don't quite know what you are saying.  We use a lot of signs and I know you get everything that is being said to you but the words that come out of your mouth are just not always  understandable.  I have no doubt that you will get there, it's just hard when your big sister talks non-stop. 

You are also a very active little girl who loves to wrestle with her daddy and play outside.  You have figured out how to open doors now which means I frequently find you outside or next door at grandma and papa's house.   You are very independent and want to do everything by yourself.  While we try and encourage that self sufficiency, sometimes you need help which makes you mad and results in a full on tantrum.  You are very good at throwing yourself down on the floor and crying and if we ignore you and leave the the room you simply repeat the tantrum in whatever place we migrated to.  Managing your emotions and frustrations is a work in progress but that's what happens when you are two.   

You love your big sister and you are starting to play together more.  I cherish the moments when I hear you two conversing peacefully and laughing and just being silly with each other.   Carly Rose, you are becoming quite the little girl and we love you so very much!  Happy Birthday Peanut!

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