Friday, March 16, 2012

Blake Getaway

I love the show The Voice and after last season I became even more of a Blake Shelton fan so when I found out he was coming to Seattle with Dia Frampton I had to get tickets!  

I bought the tickets in November for Jeff's Christmas present and we finally got to go to the concert this past Friday night.  We made a night out of it and stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotel thanks to a great deal from  The room was beautiful and although there weren't rose petals in the bath tub it was a wonderful night away. 

Jeff and I have realized in the past three years that it is critical to have time to get away and reconnect as a couple.  Luckily we have Aunty Janice and Aunty Linda who encourage us to get away for a night or two because they love our girls and enjoy spending time with them.  

 It sure makes our time away more enjoyable because I know they are in good hands and are getting completely spoiled.  Over the course of two days they went to dinner at Red Robin, the Skagit Children's Museum, and Chucky Cheese.  Needless to say they had quite the adventure!  

We hung out with the tourists and watched cheese be made, ate some delicious mac and cheese (thanks Christine for the recommendations),  bought some flowers, went to the Pike Brewery, and did plenty of people watching.  

We at 13 Coins which has been featured on the Food Network and Cactus which had an amazing happy hour menu.  We went to bed at 1:00am and slept until 8:00.  We did some shopping on the way home at stores that I really miss like Ulta and DSW shoe warehouse.  

Jeff and I did a lot of walking, eating, drinking, laughing, and just having fun together.  It was the perfect getaway!

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