Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding + Baby + Toddler = Exhausted Mommy and Daddy

Jeff's cousin, Brady got married this past Saturday to his beautiful bride Nichole.  The events were up north across the border in Canada.  Luckily it was very close and we didn't have to travel far because by the end of the night Jeff and I were exhausted.  The ceremony was at a Catholic church and luckily they had a "crying room".  We attempted to sit with everyone else but after a whole two minutes we realized that was not the best choice.  Carly was being very vocal and it was just less stressful to let them wonder around the room and be free to talk.   After the ceremony we had about an hour and half before the reception started so we went back to the hotel where all of the out of town family was staying.  We are discovering that Miss Katie is definitely not shy because she loved meeting and talking to all the people...she is a social butterfly just like her daddy. 

After a little visiting we all loaded up and got ready to go to the party.  Since we were trying to stick with the potty training we brought Katie's little potty along with us.  She refused to go in the big toilet at the church but was all for sitting in the back of the Subaru and using her little potty.  She once again did her business and Jeff dumped the potty contents (luckily it was just pee) in the bushes.  Probably not the best solution, but what else are you supposed to do with it when you are in a parking lot.  I really wish I had gotten a picture because it was just too funny seeing this pretty little girl sitting on her pink potty in the back of the car. 

But I was scrambling all evening keeping my littles out of trouble.  It was exhausting and probably not something I would recommend.  Carly is just at an age where she doesn't want to be confined.  She constantly wants to be walking and exploring which is difficult to do at a golf course wedding reception full of people.   She and I spent a lot of time outside wondering around while Jeff stayed inside with Katie.  And although Carly struggled, we thankfully avoided a major meltdown.

Katie once again surprised me and did great.  She had good manners during dinner and even sat through about 40 minutes of speeches just chatting with her new favorite Aunt Louis.  They talked about all sorts of things including marriage.  Katie said "I will only get married when a boy gives me a ring." That's right Katie girl...and make sure it has a very shiny rock in it!  The other highlight of the evening for Katie was when Aunty Gloria took Katie up to meet the princess (the bride).  She even got a flower from the princesses bouquet which Katie didn't let go of until we got home. 

Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and it was great seeing family, but it was just very hard to really enjoy it having two little ones to take care of.  I wish I had taken more pictures but I forgot my camera and honestly I wouldn't have had time. 

Congratulations again to Brady and Nichole and thank you for including us in your special day...toddlers and all.  :)

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