Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo

We went to the zoo for the first time on Thursday.  We chose the Woodland Park Zoo because it was closer but we still had to drive about an hour and half to get there.   The ride down was great and we only had to make one potty stop where Katie used her little potty in the back of the car.  

all ready to go
We got there around 11:00 and made our first stop at the penguins since they were right at the entrance.   

 After that we headed to this great indoor space where toddlers could run around.  It was perfect for the girls since they had been stuck in car seats and strollers for three hours.  
happy girl free to roam

Carly loved this fish tank even though it had the same exact fish as we do.  The only difference was that it was down at her level
 We wondered around checking out all of the animals but it was lunch and nap time so most of them were being lazy and sleeping.

The elephants and monkeys were the only animals we really saw up and moving around.  Katie loved both of them.

close encounter with a monkey

someone is getting very sleepy

Around 2:00 Carly woke up from a very short nap in the stroller and this is where our family fun day ends. It went from bad to disaster in about 10 minutes.   Our sweet Carly does not do well if she is either hungry or tired and when she woke up she was both.  She started crying and we thought we could just stop and give her a snack and then leisurely make our way back to the car with a stop at the merry go round (which we had told Katie we would go on last).  Oh no...little miss had other plans which was nonstop crying. 

So now we are quickly saying bye bye zoo and speed walking to the exit.  Of course Katie, who is overly tired, starts crying because we can't go on the merry go round and all we can think to do is blame it on her sister.  We make it to the car with Carly bawling and Katie whining.  I keep telling myself it will be ok because Carly will fall asleep as soon as we get moving and both girls will have great naps on the ride home.

Nope, didn't happen.  Carly continued to scream and Jeff and I started to think about our options.  She could be hungry but of course I forgot any jar food and she was refusing the snacks I had brought along.  So we scramble to find a grocery store but we are in downtown Seattle at the start of rush hour.  We endure the screaming until we get to the Lynwood Target and I make a mad dash to get some baby food.  Of course they were remodeling the store so all of the sections were messed up.  Finally I found it in the Health and Beauty Section (are you kidding me) and rush out to the car praying some food will calm her down and she will fall asleep.

Nope, didn't happen.  She was so worked up she wouldn't calm down enough to eat. So I am walking around the parking lot trying to shush and console a screaming one year old and I am on the verge of tears because we still have a two hour drive ahead of us and I have no idea what to do for her.   And I just have to say Katie did great throughout the whole ordeal and even slept for about 20 minutes even with her sister crying right next to her.  That girl amazes me with her sleep habits.

So now we get back on the highway just praying that she will calm down.  Of course she doesn't and it is on and off crying/screaming as we make our way through traffic.  We stop at the first rest stop thinking if she gets out and walks around she will calm down enough to eat and then will be happy for the rest of the way.  There was hope as she was all smiles snacking with her sister on the blanket in the grass.  But oh soon as we started to pack up and head to the car the tears came back and at that point Jeff and I gave up and just endured the tears until we got home.  We knew she had all of her basic needs met and there was nothing else we could do.

Finally, three hours later we got home at 6:00 and Carly was happy as a clam once she was out of the car seat and freed in the backyard.   After that trip we are REALLY dreading our road trip to Montana.  I am desperate for any ideas on how to make it go well for Carly.  We thought about leaving at bedtime and driving all night, but now my fear is that she will wake up and still be tired and not go back to sleep just like she did on the way home from the zoo.

So, at one point Jeff and I said we broke even on the trip to the zoo but once we got home we decided it wasn't worth it.  Maybe next year...

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Janelle said...

Love your new haircut! As for what to do on the road trip, bring anything that sings or lights up, a video (Even though Elizabeth doesn't really watch TV she cannot stop watching in the car. We bought one of those portable DVD players and put it on the console between the two of us.), painting tape (sticky, but not too sticky), a cup and some little plastic things to put in and out of the cup, books, SNACKS, yourself playing peek a boo,patience, and lots of stops. Good luck!

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