Saturday, July 2, 2011

1 Year Old

Carly Girl, you are one now and your mommy and daddy can't believe just how fast this first year went! 

Right after you were born you snuggled into my arms and I nursed you easily and comfortably for almost an hour.  At that moment I had a feeling you were going to be my little cuddle bug and mommy was right (just like I will be many times in your life).

In the morning, after your bottle and before your big sister wakes up we love to cuddle on the couch and play on the floor together.  And speaking of sleep, the reason we have a good hour of one on one time is because you like to get up between 5:00 and 5:30 am.  Hopefully, you will go back to sleeping until at least 6:00 like you used to because it is hard getting ready for work in the mornings with you as my shadow.  However, daddy enjoys the early mornings because he gets to see you before he leaves for work.  Other than that you are a great sleeper and still taking two good naps a day and going to bed easily between 7:30-8:00.

Another major milestone you reached a few weeks ago was walking.  Now, you hardly ever crawl and when you fall down you bounce right back up and keep on going.  You have also figured out how to climb up onto things like your big sisters bed which is one of your favorite things to do right now.  You also love going up and down the little slide in the backyard.

Your sister and you are starting to play together more and I love watching the interaction between you two.  Katie is not always the most affectionate big sister but if you are crying and upset she will be the first to go up to you and offer a hug and a kiss and ask "why are you sad Carly?".   You LOVE her so much and have from the very beginning.  Katie was the first person you smiled at and even today you just laugh the moment she walks in the room.  One of my many favorite memories was when we were driving down to Sharry's and you started sticking your tongue out.  Katie thought that was funny so she laughed which encouraged you to do it more and pretty soon you both were giggling and having so much fun together!

Carly trying to steal Katie's hat

love the look on Katie's face

peace is made

especially when there are two hats and nobody has to share
Of course you have your arguments but that's part of life and hopefully you will grow up with a very close bond.
 Carly Barly, my little peanut, love bug, you are doing so much more than I can write about (because you just woke up crying) but let me just say this has been an incredible year!  You made our family complete and every day is a new adventure.  Thank you for making me a mommy to two beautiful daughters.  Happy First Birthday baby girl, we love you  so much!  

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