Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers day is always a difficult day for me and this year was no different.  I thought about my mom a lot and how much she would have enjoyed being a grandma.  Luckily, my girls have a lot of very special people that are like grandma's in their life which I am very grateful for.  That means I also get to have a lot of second moms and those wonderful women mean the world to me!  

So, of course I cried many tears on Sunday, but I also focused on my two girls that I get to be a mommy to.    We started our day by going to church and it was there that Katie made me a card with her hand print in bright pink paint.  It is the cutest thing and now I see why my mom kept something similar that I made for her all those years.  After that we just hung out at home as a family.  I didn't have to cook dinner or do any dishes and I was surrounded by love.  It was a great day!

And the perfect way to end a wonderful day....


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Nancy said...

Your girls will know your mom and her mother's love through you, Andrea. Never forget this. You are your mom's legacy and you radiate your mom everyday to your children. How blessed your children are!

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