Thursday, April 7, 2011

Enjoying the Moment

I love this smile.  It appears all throughout the day but gets really big when big sister or daddy shows up.  My little girls is one very happy baby.... 99% of the time.  But yesterday happened to be one of those 1% days.   For some reason she didn't nap well and so from 3:00 until she went to bed at 6:30 she was a very fussy, grumpy girl.  But we survived and she slept 12 hours last night so I am hoping this morning she will wake up like this....


or like this

See what I mean...that smile is contagious but so is the grumpiness.  

Last night, I was really struggling to stay patient with my children but after many deep breaths and a walk down the street hand in hand with my first born, I felt much better.  Now today is a new day and everyone always feels better after a good nights sleep, especially mommy.   

Today is our library day which Katie gets very excited about.  This girl loves to read!

She also loves her new horse that Papa pulled out of the attic.  This was Jeff's horse when he was little and although Katie doesn't understand that at all yet, it is a very special addition to our home.  

The horse doesn't have a name yet but we are working on it.  For some reason Katie doesn't name anything.  She loves her babies but they are all just called "babies". 

Happy Thursday.  Live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it! 


Janelle said...

Oh Andrea! Your girls are so precious and look so happy. What a beautiful place to be at in life!

Amber said...

I am glad you've enjoyed my blog! Thanks for your comment. That's what makes it fun to write. :) Your girls are adorable!

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