Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Under the Weather

It's been a rough week for the Garner's.  It started last Thursday with Katie throwing up.  Luckily she perked up the next day and was back to her normal self, at least that's what we thought.  I went to work on Friday and took the girls to Sharry's.  She was fine all day but as soon as we got home the meltdown started and it was obvious she was extremely tired.  Early bed time for her and by Saturday morning she was fine.  Saturday was my mommy day out that I had really been looking forward to so I was hoping everyone would stay healthy.  They did and I had a wonderful afternoon of pampering.  It was fantastic and the girls were great for Jeff. 

Sunday the germ continued making it's way through our house and Carly threw up.  Of course, I started panicking thinking back to three months ago when those symptoms landed us in the hospital for a week.  Thankfully, Carly stayed strong and came through it just fine.  She was feeling better by Monday and back to her normal, happy self.  That leads us to yesterday when Jeff and I were hit with the same symptoms right about the same time.  We were both at work and felt like crap.  We both came home early, took Katie next door to grandma and grandpa's house and camped out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.  Carly was great and entertained herself for a while and then fell asleep in my arms so all three of us could take a little nap. 

I am feeling better this morning but Jeff stayed home from work today.  Hopefully, this is the last of it and we can all stay healthy for a while. 

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