Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Day

As a child I loved Christmas, and not just because of the presents but because of all of the traditions my mom and dad created.  And now that I am a mom I love being able to carry on some of those traditions while also adding new ones for our girls.  This year we started a Garner tradition of making a homemade pizza for Christmas Eve dinner.  While the girls were still too little to help this year, I am looking forward to many pizza making nights in our future.


Katie and I went to church on Christmas Eve, but because Jeff didn't get home from a very long day at work until 4:30, Carly and him stayed home.

Christmas morning started around 7:00 when Katie woke up and came out into the living room to see what Santa brought her.  She got a stroller for her babies and a pillow for her bed.  We will probably be transitioning her crib to a toddler bed in a few weeks so we thought the pillow would be a good start. And she is all about her babies so I (ugh, I mean Santa) knew that the stroller would be a success.  She was so excited about those two things she didn't really even care about what was in her stocking.  This really was a special year because everything was new to her and even the simplest things like a new toothbrush and pj's made her so happy.  Next year will be even better when Carly can enjoy the holidays as much as Katie has.

Later in the morning grandma and PaPa joined us for brunch and the opening of presents.  Katie understand the concept completely and after she opened each present she immediately wanted to start playing with it.  She also loved helping everyone else open their presents.  Here she is showing grandma and PaPa their photo calendar. 

 Katie got some wonderful dress up clothes from Uncle Kirby and Aunt Kim and she loved them!

And then the clean up started and Katie was even excited to help daddy with that. 

Later that afternoon Jeff started smoking his bone-in ribeye roast.  It was delicious and we had a wonderful Christmas feast. 

Our magical day ended with Katie entertaining a very tired little baby by dancing around for 30 minutes non stop.  It was hilarious and needless to say both of my little girls crashed hard last night.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their family and friends.

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