Friday, July 9, 2010

Garner Tidbits

I have a few minutes while daddy and Katie go to the grocery store and Carly sleeps so I thought I would get a quick update written. Things in the Garner household are going amazingly well! We have a wonderful baby who is making this transition way too easy. Carly is a wonderful sleeper day and night! Ironically, the only problem (and it's a very tiny one) we are having is getting her to wake up enough to get a good feed in. Luckily, though breastfeeding is getting easier and she is getting better at latching on. Last night I cluster fed at 5:00, 7:00, and 9:30 and baby girl then slept until 3:00! I know that could very well change as soon as this newborn stage is over but hopefully we have started a good routine that will only get better as time goes on.

Carly also has a very laid back personality. When she is awake she is very alert and loves looking at our faces. I can tell already that Katie is going to be a big source of entertainment for Carly. So far the only nickname we have for Carly is "Squirt" and since little ones poop a lot I am sure you can figure out the reason behind that.

It is also finally summer here in Bellingham and we are loving it. Thank goodness for our window air conditioner though because yesterday it was 87 degrees outside and probably would have been close to that inside. Instead, we enjoyed a pleasant 76 degree house. I am also happy to say we made big improvements on our set up this summer compared to last year. Here is what it looked like last year and I tried to get a picture of it right now but my computer isn't cooperating. Trust me though, it's much better!

I am also happy to report that Jeff is finally starting to feel better. He started not feeling well about 2 weeks ago. He had a nasty cough and was wheezing. After 3 doctors appointments and way to many trips to the pharmacy he is finally getting over the walking pneumonia and will be able to fully enjoy these last few days home with his girls. I also am healthy after getting a sinus infection right around when Carly was born.

So all is well with the Garner's! Jeff goes back to work on Wednesday but I am feeling more and confident that things won't be so bad here at home without him. Katie is still doing great with Carly and is even very understanding during the times I am feeding her baby sister. Let's hope it stays that way.

Here are few more pictures of our new addition as well as Lil Miss enjoying her swimming pool. Happy Friday!


eLiZaBeTh said... have 2 kids!!! And they are beautiful! I love you!

John, Becky and Olivia said...

Great! Carly looks a lot like Katie! What gorgeous girls you have. =)

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