Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update in Pictures

I am not really in a writing mood this morning but I do want to post some recent pictures and give you an update on Lil Miss and Carly.

Katie is into everything right now and while it is a lot of fun to see her explore the world around her, it is also exhausting (especially for this 32 week pregnant mommy). Jeff and I love seeing her little personality come through more and so far we have decided that we have a mostly cooperative, routine oriented, sweet, funny and very social daughter. She loves to say "hi" to people wherever we go and just this week she successfully started saying "bye". She loves her grandpa who she calls "pa". She also LOVES being outside and and whenever she sees pa outside she runs to the closet and pounds on the door saying her version of "shoes". She also is finally saying "daddy" now and occasionally I will catch something that sounds like "mommy". Not sure whats up with that....I surely thought mommy would come before "shoes" or "airplane". At least I get the most cuddles because she thinks daddy is much more fun to wrestle with than to cuddle with.

Carly is doing great and I measured right on track last week when I went to the Dr. I know I am carrying her lower than Katie though which makes things a lot more uncomfortable. She is also more active than Katie was and just last night she kept me awake for about 20 minutes getting her workout done. I am still feeling very unprepared for this little ones arrival but hopefully we will make some serious progress on the To Do list in the next few weekends. Our goal is to have everything done by Jeff's vacation week which is at the end of May. Not sure if we will make it.

And now on to the pictures....

She loves standing in containers, no matter how big or little.
Playing with her new 4 wheeler toy that we actually ended up returning because the wheels kept getting in the way of her feet.

Coloring successfully for the first time. I tried this a few months ago and she just kept eating the crayons.

Poor girl...has her mommy's double chin but at least she still has her cute little dimple

Trying on mommy's hatCan you tell she is still teething. Right now she is working on the top two. One is through the skin already and the other one is very close.


eLiZaBeTh said...

There's my little sweetheart...I missed seeing her! Like I should talk, I only blog once a month! I wish that I could hang out with you & have some coffee:( Miss you!

Janelle said...

She is so precious. What a busy little girl! JT said Mama 8 months after he said Dada. One more thing...Make lots of meals and freeze them. Other than that there is no way to prepare adequately for having two children, but you'll do great.

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