Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Second Trimester Begins

I am almost 15 weeks along which means I made it through the first trimester and the morning/evening sickness is gone and I am actually staying up until 9:00 again (sometimes). I have definitely gotten my appetite back and have been thoroughly enjoying all of the holiday goodies. I am a little worried about the weight gain this time around because I am not in as good of shape as I was with Katie. I am trying to work out at the gym a couple times a week but that's less than half as much as I did before. Luckily I think breastfeeding REALLY helped me get back into shape and I will be doing that again with CC. I am pretty much out of my regular jeans and wearing maternity pants and since they are so comfy I don't mind at all. I am still waiting to feel that first movement but last night while Jeff and I were watching TV I thought I felt a little kick but wasn't completely sure. At least I know what it feels like now so I should be able to feel CC sooner than I did Katie. After the holidays are over we are going to start working on setting up the room which should be fun. We will be loosing our guest/storage room which will put my organizational skills to the test, but we decided it would be best to give Katie and CC their own room (at least for now). And February 4th is the big day...only one more month before we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. So excited!


Jenn said...

You look so cute! I bet chasing around two babies in a short period of time will help with baby weight, you shouldn't worry about it!

shannon said...

What does the kicking feel like? I am starting to wonder if I might be able to feel anything yet?

Also, you look so cute! Great picture!!

Janelle said...

You look great! Amen to the organizational skills being put to the test, but believe me when the nesting instinct kicks in, you will come up with all sorts of hiding spots.

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