Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I woke up this morning around 5:15 when Jeff got up to go work. I got up around 5:30 and by 5:45 I was baking cookies. Now it is almost 7:00 and I have eaten breakfast and am going to get in the shower so when Katie wakes up we can make one last trip to the grocery store. Needless to say, I think I am a morning person. :) I just function so much better after a good nights sleep and have a lot more energy than at night. Plus Jeff and I really enjoy our two hours of alone time after Katie goes to bed. Yes, that means we go to bed early too.

It's hard to believe it is already Christmas Eve. Jeff is working today and tomorrow of course but we decided to do everything normal this year, except for Christmas morning breakfast which we will have on Saturday morning. He should get off work early tomorrow so we can have a nice holiday meal together with his parents. Tonight we are planning on going to church and then driving around and looking at the lights in our neighborhood. We figure we have a couple more years before we have to really solidify those holiday traditions. At this point Katie doesn't really know what is going on.

I also can't believe that this time last year I was about to pop. I actually don't even remember Christmas last year because I think I was just all wrapped up in becoming a mommy. What a year it has been.

Me at 39 weeks

Katie at 11 months, almost one year later

Merry Christmas to all of our family, friends, and blog readers!

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