Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning

Unfortunately I don't have any good news to share about my father in law. He goes in today for some additional tests and then another Dr's appointment on Thursday to determine where to go from here. He was feeling a little better yesterday but he is far from being back to the old Carl. Therefore, our weekend was spent close to home with Jeff doing yard work and trying to fix my car that decided to have numerous things go wrong with it last week. Just when we thought we had one problem fixed the radiator started having issues and leaking coolant. Now my husband is a wonderful guy who I love dearly, but when it comes to car mechanics that just isn't his thing. Normally Jeff's dad is our car guy but since he is out of commission right now we are trying to fix it ourselves. While I know Jeff is very capable, I get incredibly nervous when it comes to car issues because I have always had vehicles that tend to break down on me at the worst times. Of course the last thing I want is to be stranded on my way to/from work with Lil Miss so we may just have to bite the bullet and go to a mechanic.

Speaking of Lil Miss, she has started making other sounds and one of her favorites is da da da. While I would like to think she is saying her first word I think she is just experimenting with her voice. We are also starting sign language with her which is really fun. She is so cute because she actually watches my hand very closely when I make the sign so I am hoping it will help us communicate better as time goes on.

And to continue with the duck theme from my last post, here are a couple pictures of her playing with her new toy in the bathtub.

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