Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

I had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend and just wanted to post a few pictures before I turn in for the night. I am working three days this week because our Head Start program is having their once every three years Federal Review. Therefore, today was a crazy busy day and tomorrow I get to do it all over again but luckily everything is going well so far. It's hard working back to back days though and this reminds me once again how happy I am to be able to only work part time. Anyways...back to the weekend.

Saturday Katie and I met Auntie Linda and went for a walk down by Boulevard Park which was nice. Katie was tired and for some reason didn't want to sleep in her stroller but she finally fell asleep once I put her in the Bjorn. After that our busy day continued with an evening barbecue at a friends house. Katie did great and Jeff and I had a nice time as well. Unfortunately, we had to leave early just before the live band started, but I am just not ready to mess with Katie's bedtime routine.

Sunday we woke up early thanks to my lovely 6:00 am wake up call. Of course I would have loved to sleep in more but Katie's smiles and giggles made up for it. I am in the process of getting more video and will get that uploaded soon so you can all hear her little laugh too. We went to church and then to Target to get my Mothers Day present. I wanted a diaper bag that really didn't look like one so that I can carry everything all in one bag. I never knew how important this bag would be but as Katie got older I realized that you never want to leave home without diapers, wipes, an extra change of clothes (or two), a few toys, my nursing cover, and of course my changing mat because my little girls bum is not going anywhere near public restrooms (yes, I am a little bit of a germ freak). So, Jeff kept Katie busy and I was able to happily browse Target. After that we came home and Jeff made my moms lasagna recipe (with a little help from me). We had his parents over to enjoy his delicious dinner and then my day ended with a wonderful foot rub from my hubby. It was a perfect day!

And one last thing...when mommy reads Katie her bedtime story we read books like Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear, Brown Bear but when daddy reads this is what happens:

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You are such a good mommy:)

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