Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Day back to Work (continued)

Well apparently Miss Katie's first day at child care was exhausting because she has been napping now for two and half hours which is very unusual for her. Normally she is very punctual and wakes up exactly 30 minutes after she fell asleep. I was also very tired yesterday but that was mostly because I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before thanks to the wind storm we had and then not being able to fall back asleep because of my anxiousness. Needless to say I had no trouble sleeping last night. Worrying is the worst and I did plenty of that yesterday. I was worried about how much time it would take us to get ready, if Katie would eat from the bottle, how she would sleep, if Sharry would know how or be able to calm her down, if I would have trouble pumping, and the list goes on and on. Of course worrying gets you nowhere and in the end everything went very well.

I tried to get all prepared the night before but I was still late to work because no matter how organized I was it still took us longer than I expected to get out the door. Now I know I need to get up earlier and give myself more travel time. I also learned to get the bottles completely prepared the night before so all I have to do is put them in the bag. Katie was great though and fell asleep on the long drive to work and on the way home. According to Sharry she only fussed when she was tired, hungry, or poopy. She was very smily and laughed at the other kids because they enjoyed making faces at her. So she did great and I did fairly well. I missed her like crazy, talked about her often and tried to stay busy so the time would go by quickly. When I picked her up, it was great seeing that beautiful smile of hers when she saw mommy for the first time. I also know it will get easier with time.

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