Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 Month Checkup

Katie went in for her two month check up on Tuesday and she is one healthy little girl. She now weighs 12lbs 12oz which puts her in the 100th percentile if you go by weight for age. If you go by weight for length (she is 23 in.) she is in the 75th percentile. So she is growing and getting bigger by the day. She is also smiling a lot more now and is particularly happy after she wakes up from a "good" nap. Those good naps are not happening very often now though because she thinks it's time to wake up after 30 minutes. Occasionally I can get her to fall back asleep in her swing and then she will sleep for another hour or so. Nights are still the same for us and I am done trying to figure her out in that department. I have been keeping track of when she eats and when she naps with the hope of seeing a pattern but my record keeping hasn't really shown me much. We have started putting her down a half hour earlier so she goes to bed at 8:00 which means she usually falls asleep by 8:30. Then she is up between 1-2 and then again between 4:30-5:30. I am REALLY hoping we can eliminate one of those feedings by the time I go back to work. And speaking of sleep here are some pictures of her in peaceful slumber. She fell asleep playing for the first time and I just couldn't believe it because she wasn't swaddled.

Then this time she fell asleep eating and I just moved her Boppy and all to the couch.

Well little miss is waking up again so off I go. One last picture of mommy and her little munch.

I forgot to mention that Katie didn't get her shots at the Dr. appointment either after all of my worrying about it. Finally, after waiting 15 minutes for the nurse to come back with the shots (we had already been there over an hour and I was getting very impatient) she comes in and tells me they are out of the IPV vaccine. Apparently they had some refrigeration problems and had to throw them out so they were waiting for the new batch to come in. She asks me if I want to do the other two and come back for the third one later and I said no thank you! I would much rather get them done all at once rather than have to go through the pain and crying twice.


shannon said...

Andrea...she keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! Are you enjoying being a mommy and being home with her?

Andrea and Jeff said...

I am loving being a mommy and for the most part enjoy being home with her. It gets tiring though being in mommy mode 24 hours a day so I think it will be good for me to go back to work 2 days a week. She loves her daddy but is definitely more attached to me which makes it hard to get a break because she tends to cry more with Jeff.

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