Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mommy Love

I have always considered myself a baby person and lover of children, but the love for my own little girl is so deep I can't explain it. It is so wonderful getting to know her personality and see all of those wonderful expressions. I feel like we are actually beginning to understand each other and I know her smile is going to bust out any day now which I am very excited for. So, I got a little camera happy the past week or so but I figured nobody would mind all of the pictures.

These first few shots are Ozzy and Katie getting up close and personal. Ozzy was sleeping and we were hoping to get a picture of both of them sleeping together but Ozzy didn't agree. He woke up immediately but he was very gentle. Luckily he has gotten much better with having a new little person in the house. At first he was VERY jealous and even scared of her whenever she cried. Now she is old news and he tends to ignore her most of the time. I am sure once she starts eating from a high chair their friendship will blossom as he will have a great time cleaning up after her.

And don't worry, Ozzy isn't about to eat Katie...he was just yawning.

Of course we had to get some naked baby pictures. She was in a very calm state and very curious about the camera light. She is fascinated by any light and really loves to look at the lights above her changing table.

This just made me laugh because her head is as big as Jeff's hand. So cute.

This last group was taken yesterday after we got home from the weigh in. She continues to put on weight like a champion....11lbs 2.5oz. So far she has her daddy's long upper body and his short legs because she is close to outgrowing her 3 month onsies but her pants are still too long. I also realized that she will probably outgrow all of her short sleeved 3 month old onsies before she even has a chance to wear them. I guess that is why people say to not buy a lot of clothes in one size because they grow so fast.

It almost looks like she is waving goodbye :)


Jenn, Rian and Cameron said...

She is just so cute. I love her little socks in the last set of pictures.

eLiZaBeTh said...

Now you know about The Momma is why momma bears attack! It is so hard to describe, so new & yet so familiar. It fits in to a place in your heart that you didn't even know was empty...Sometimes, I still cry when I check on Reese and she is sound asleep, so peaceful and precious...I love her so much and my heart breaks for the millionth time with the love that I have for my baby. See, she isn't a baby anymore, but she'll ALWAYS be my baby...

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